For the last decade or so I have been working with local companies to design and maintain websites using my web design skills. I have been building bespoke websites through the Dreamweaver platform and have also been an agent for a company called Britnett that offered an e-commerce platform allowing companies to sell their products over the internet with secure payment gateways to Paypal and merchant credit card providers.

Along with the above web design services I have also offered Search engine optimisation services (SEO) to help companies climb up the rankings on search engines such as Google and Yahoo for their preferred keyword and phrases. This I was very successful at but I found that my clients and my own websites were hit quite badly when Google, the main search engine to rank well on, changed the way they view and rank websites over night.

wordpresslogoAfter many months of trying different ideas and reading up on want Google want I have now embarked on new website promotion strategies that have brought many of my websites back up the Google rankings. I have found that in doing this I have used the WordPress blogging platform more and more as it fits in so well with what I have done to promote the websites.

WordPress is pretty much the leader in blogging software and allows users with very little web knowledge to build a website that they can then publish to the world. These have become very popular with bloggers and have increasingly been developed in to other types of websites with the help of a myriad of plugins and themes that are very often free of charge and turn WordPress from a basic blogging platform in to a development tool with many opportunities.

It also seems that Google and the other search engines like these websites because they expect them to be websites that are updated regularly and providing new and interesting information for web users.

i have built over a dozen WordPress based websites including this one and my last project has been for a company that sells ladies fashion clothes and accessories called Leoni’s Beautiful Bouitique

Using WordPress as the platform has allowed me to build them a basic brochure website with the added benefit of them being able to update their products whenever they want and also add posts about how they are going and the world of fashion. The web presence includes the website with blog page for new products, a Facebook page and also a Twitter account all based around the same butterfly design. All Twitter posts appear on the website along with links to the Facebook page and facilities to share all posts and pages with friends Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Marketing the website on the internet is done via social media updates and regular comments that are shared with friends and a plugin that allows for good on page search engine optimisation. The future will bring e-commerce pages, customised Facebook pages and regular posts that will also help with increasing their ranking positions on Google and the other search engines.