Every company needs print. When the internet came storming on to the scene we were all told about how we would have paperless lives and paperless offices were only a year away. WRONG.

We still use business cards when introducing ourselves, headed paper and compliment slips, invoice pads and more. When marketing we send out brochures and leaflets and all told other marketing materials such as posters, signs and banners.

Handy Marketing Solutions have been finding and providing some of the cheapest quality print available in the UK for over a decade. The problem we have is showing companies how cheap our print can be. Because of this we have now launched our Print Prize Raffle.

Any customer can ask for a quote regards any type of print job. It does not have to be a pending job, just something that you would normally order as some point ie, 500 business cards, 10,000 A5 leaflets etc.  Each quote will enter our prize draw that will be drawn on Friday 28th. The winner has the choice of any of the four gifts below or £50.00 cash to take co workers for a drink/lunch!!

healthbeautyribprize londoneyelonlunchprize

All you need to do is use the form below to send through a quotation for whatever print product listed or use the text box for something we have not mentioned.

Each quote is one entry to the draw. They are great prizes, sorry there are no cars or holidays but with us there are no premium phone lines and we do not have that sort of marketing budget!!